Tales of designing lives

As you may or may not know I work in architecture. Recently I have been working on a residential project- designing flats. My days have been spent designing the layouts of kitchens and bathrooms, finding locations for built in storage and determining whether furniture can be logically arranged in the space we are providing.

 I have also just moved into a new build flat- and am seeing how all these decisions affect my daily life. The more I live in this flat the more it affects the approach I have to the flats I am designing. There is something strangely intimate in it all- I am ‘living’ in the flats I am designing before their eventual occupant has even considered buying them. In the same way my flat was lived in by its designer.

 They walked my hallway and saw that opening the bathroom door outwards would ensure that I could use my towel rail. They designed a wall which could house the TV- and left space next to my washing machine for the laundry basket to sit. They knew how I would use the space before I did- they designed the outlines for the life I live before I knew I would live it.

 In all of this I can’t help but see echoes of the ultimate designer. He lived a human life before I did; He designed the outlines of my life before even my parents knew I would live it. In all things He has seen how I would live my life and provided for those needs according to His infinite wisdom.

 It may be a slim parallel but it is one that has been striking me more deeply each day I sit at my computer and design homes. Jesus is the ultimate designer and this speaks to me on a daily basis; but He is also the ultimate healer, the ultimate author and the ultimate carpenter. In everything God is sovereign, and therefore He can speak into the most mundane of our daily minutes. In this I find both great encouragement and great inspiration.

“For he was looking forward to the city that has foundations, whose designer and builder is God.” Hebrews 11:10


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