I’m a barrister living and working in London, recently unleashed onto the courts of England and Wales and loving it.

The journey so far has taken me from the East Anglian seaside town in which I was born, towards the Fens for university and across the Atlantic to the Deep South. I love brunch, the music of New Orleans and a good political discussion. I’m passionate about seeing justice done.

My faith has been part of me for as long as I can remember, and I’ve clung to it through the various stages of my life so far. I continue to explore and develop that faith; what it looks like in, and means to, my life today.


Ellie- Ellie

I’m an architectural designer, a novice Londoner and an incurable gatherer of useless information.

I was born raised and baptised in a middle-of-nowhere Norfolk village, stumbled through churches at university with a quiet Anglican faith that got deeper and louder at a church of over sixty nations in China. I moved back to the UK three years ago and now attend a central London church with more guitars than organs. I have not got quieter.

I have been walking through the peaks and troughs of faith since I was tiny, and fully expect to be exploring, questioning and discovering more of God for the rest of my life. I would be honoured if you would join me on the journey.



I’m known for drinking too much coffee and staying up too late. I love London, galleries, plain page notebooks, parmesan cheese and the sea. Not necessarily in that order.

I didn’t grow up being taught the ways of faith, and chose to become a Christian in my teens. I was won by grace then, and continue to be won by grace now.

I work as a social worker, specifically with children and their families. I believe in the power of community and like to feed people into friendship. Come to the table.